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Don't let our chances turn to regret. [entries|friends|calendar]
lolita pop doll

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How are you? (I need lots of catching up to do. u_u) [23 Oct 2010|12:23am]
la la la~
It sure feels so good to be alive. ♥

Rinnini Sales Page [21 Apr 2010|12:45am]
[ mood | exhausted!!! ]

Shipped Items ListCollapse )

MOVED -> starshine_candy

Charity Project (updated September, 10, 2006) [18 Mar 2010|03:31pm]
There's so much that we need to share

Note 09/09/06: I've already completed the month of August but haven't updated this page yet. I'll try to do so this week.

[20 Dec 2006|03:28pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

The Best Days We Used To Have

"Chances, love and friendship always come and go.
Being nostalgic is not the best solution.
Grasp the fleeting moments and make the best of it."

- Edine of The Marshmallow Kisses

I need a smile. :( [10 Nov 2006|05:56am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Cheer me up. Buy headphones from my long lost brother. ;_;

Cutest headphones ever!Collapse )

We have already sold 49 headphones and have only 12 left. After all these are sold out, we cannot restock anymore as Swimmer is no longer reproducing these designs. All headphones are brand-new and ready to ship from Japan via Express mail w/ insurance. So yeah, buy now or tell your friends about it. ^-^Collapse )

Heh, this is my favorite headphone picture of his!
He says it's so ugly but I love it.
His silliness never fails to make me smile. ♥


A quickie [07 Oct 2006|12:56pm]
I'm having a little pre-ordering service at the shop right now and the items are really cute and lovely. I've seen some of the items and they're great in quality and friendly to the wallet. ^-^ So anyway, I'm ordering 10 hours from now so if you like some of the items, just hit on the add to cart button to pre-order.

There are lots of cutie bows hehe.

(These are my favorites)

All items are imported from Japan.

Btw, if you left a comment in the shop and I haven't replied yet it's because I don't have much time (it's my mom's birthday hehe). I just decided to post about this in my journal cuz the items are really cute and worth sharing. ^u^ I'll reply to everything and refund all S&H discounts when I get home later (Stephiee, you get a big refund! Remember I still owe you $13 or so?)

Tata for now! ^_~

Ancheri & Me [23 Sep 2006|12:51pm]
[ mood | okay ]

My Ancheri Amore~Collapse )

I have two (seemingly permanent) layers of eyebags now. ;_;
So so so many problems. So so so tired. u_u
But I'm happy. So it's all good. ._. ♥


[10 Sep 2006|12:34am]
[ mood | good ]

My sister recently got a big bonus from her company for her good work. It made me contemplate about my little business, thinking how sucky it was that I don't get bonuses unlike most employees. I started to wonder whether it was better to work for a company rather than be my own company.

And then I realized that I do have bonuses. I have the sweetest & most thoughtful customers ever! ^u^ squeeeezay (♥♥♥) is one example. Look what she made for me ;u; ~

Sweet Sugary Chucks!!!Collapse )


Sweet Sugary Garter!!!Collapse )


Sky Cable's New Rude and Ridiculous Strategy Against Cable Theft [06 Sep 2006|07:16pm]
[ mood | angry customer mode ]

I'm sure most Sky Cable subscribers know how annoying the company has been with their 'Wag maging kabit anti-cable theft campaign. You're watching your favorite show and then all of a sudden, they cut it and insert their cheesy anti-cable theft commercial (complete with guilt-trip and scare). Well now they've gotten even worse.

This afternoon, a Sky Cable representative came to our house requesting for proof of our Sky Cable subscription (a billing statement or a receipt). It was our maid who greeted him and she hurriedly went to my room to tell me about the Sky Cable guy. I told her to just tell him to come back on another day as my parents were not around. She went back a few minutes later looking really scared, saying that the Sky Cable representative was threatening to cut off our cable if we cannot show a proof of our subscription.

Wtf, right?Collapse )


Sensational Lovely Girl! [22 Aug 2006|09:16pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Sweet Purse and Lovely SkirtCollapse )

If you are interested in the two items or ANY item from 6%DOKIDOKI (or Heart E), click here and we can help you get them! ^u^


Aren't these the sweetest nail sets ever? I am sooo tempted to get both but I'm not sure if I'm actually willing to spend $80 on just two sets of fake nails. I'm scared I'll just ruin them especially with my work. But I love the design and quality sooo very much! They're just perfect in my eyes and for my style. ;u;

Link to the nail artist

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